That pod cray

December 16th, 2011

Invasion of the body snatchers:


Okay I have been wanting to write about this movie since we watched it but I suppose have not found the time so since I better find the time now or not get credit IM DOING IT.  Okay basically after watching this movie the voice inside my head could not stop saying “what?…What????….WHAT????” I was so unbelievably impressed by this film.

For one I cant even process how great the “special effects” were in this film.  Styrofoam and soap bubbles scared the crap out of me.  The actually pods were so scary.  I am an admitted conspiracy theorist and I believe there is no such thing as individuality anymore.  Everything has been done and nobody is creative enough anymore to do something new…including myself.   So for me the idea that a pod could just come and take your identity while you die seemed so metaphorically intriguing in reference to what I am thinking in my head everyday.  I really believe that we have to do something crazy, drastic, dare I say illegal to be remembered now.  Or leave a legacy with some children we may have but what if we dont do anything crazy, drastic, illegal? What if we dont have kids? Well our identity dies with us and then someone who is so ridiculously similar will be born and just fill the space we were taking up.  I hope this isnt coming off as depressing because thats not how I look at it.  Its more interesting than depressing to me.

Aside from the crazy thoughts going through my head on a daily basis I just want to comment on the acting in this film.  I really enjoyed every actors performance.  I personally can see this being completely over acted and losing its effect but nope, not these guys/gals.  Bravo, Brava!   I would also like to add a big HUH?! in reference to the ending.  We had discussed that there were two alternate endings and I have to say that I think they chose the wrong one.  I would have preferred if the film ended with Miles screaming “YOU’RE NEXT” in the middle of the highway….

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