Can You Say God Complex?

October 21st, 2011

The character Charles Kane is so very interesting.  He seems to have such good intentions even though everything must be done his way.  He has this desire to become a leader, a voice for the people and save them.  He desires to be president of the United States.  Kane is a strong character, stubborn and determined. The underlying God complex and subtle references to religion are what really interested me about this film and about Kane.

The very beginning of the movie introduces Xanadu, the luxurious estate that belonged to Charles Kane.  It was described as containing priceless art and antiques as well as “the largest private zoo since Noah’s ark”.  This to me was not even something I noticed until the movie ended! After the movie was over I sat there for a few moments and thought well Holy Crap! They foreshadowed Kane’s personality perfectly just by describing his home.

This reference to Noah’s ark was what hit me.  Noah was called upon by God to save every species of the world.  He was there to help all those that could not help themselves.  This is exactly what Charles Kane wanted.  He wanted so badly to be a voice for those who could not speak for themselves on a public platform; the working class man, the underpaid, the underfed.  However, there is a huge difference here between Noah and Kane.  Noah did his part to save all species of the world to please God, Kane wanted only to please himself.  Of course his intentions were good but there is no denying that his ultimate goal was to obtain the love of the people, to be the one they looked to with admiration.  Kane wanted to do the work of Noah to be loved as if he were God.





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